Artificial Intelligence meets Human Intelligence


The Marketing Innovation Conference


In a world buzzing about AI, Machine Learning & Automation, Digicon brings Marketing & Advertising leaders the latest Martech innovations - straight from the creators currently at the forefront of industry innovation.


Through an interactive and engaging day, you will have the chance to meet some of Romania’s top experts in modern Marketing Strategy, as well as award-winning Entrepreneurs and Technology leaders, guiding you through the secrets of New Age Advertising, applying technology into your business and identifying opportunities to accelerate business growth.


You will have the chance to see, hear and interact with some of the top Marketing & Business Leaders in the country.

Some of the names announced so far include Stefan Gergely, founder of, Vlad Andriescu, Editor in chief,, Laura Musuroaea, Influencer & Entrepreneur, Andrei Tiu, founder of Marketiu and Dana Mustatea, Growth Marketing Manager, UIPath.


We see almost all advertising messaging and new companies shouting about AI & Machine Learning, Automation and - essentially - enabling processes to replace human input into marketing. However, to what extent is this a sustainable option for the evolution of Online advertising?

To keep it clear - We ARE ambassadors of Marketing innovation - this is what we were born of. However, Marketing is not only about data processes. It’s also an art. And understanding the metamorphosis of Art & Science is where there is a gap in the current market. Understanding where and how human skill can best be improved to guide the machine in a fast-changing industry is absolute key to thriving in the current market, both as an individual, as well as a brand. 

And this is what we aim to deliver through Digicon.

 We are not going for attention-grabbing headlines, but rather value-rich content and a solid promise - that no matter your industry level or experience, you WILL go away with a bag full of insights you will be able to apply straight into your business.

This is an exclusive event, and in order to support our promise for delivering genuine value as well as maintain the highest quality of information presented to our attendees, your cost of attendance is fully subsidised by Marketiu and our Partners